Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cover Letter Free Write

Why do I want to be this when I grow up?
I am currently a senior Civil Engineering student here at Clemson University. I decided to pursue this major because it allows me to solve real life problems and see an end product to my work. Civil Engineer is comprises of five major fields: Construction, Structural, Environmental, Fluids, and Geotechnical. I’m going to earn an emphasis in construction because that is the industry I would like to eventually get a job in. However, with the wide variety of areas I know that I will always have many options to choose from and hopefully I will never be “bored” with my job.

What has let me to this choice?
I initially choose the Engineering field because I enjoy working out problems, especially with numbers and specific methods. Also, English is my weakest subject so I didn’t want to do much writing! As a freshman in the general engineering program, I didn’t know what branch of engineering I wanted to continue with. I eventually choose Civil because it incorporates a wide variety of job opportunities, so I figured I wouldn’t become bored with it. Also, Civil Engineering was an appealing major to me because I like to work with other people and be able to visit sites.

Why do I continue to want to pursue it?

I have stayed with the Civil Engineering program throughout my college career for many reasons. First of all, the most of the classes have been very interesting to me. The upper-level classes have provided me with real life knowledge on how things are built and how different environmental, geotechnical, or structural problem affect it. I also have enjoyed most of my teachers because they are excited to teach the subject and usually are very helpful in the Civil Department. Many people ask if it bothers me that it is such a male-dominated field, but I think I can use that to my advantage. I don’t feel intimidated by that and I feel like I usually work better with boys in groups than girls.

I have enjoyed my experience here at Clemson as a Civil Engineering Student very much. I plan to continue my education here and earn a Masters in Civil Engineering. I believe this will provide me with more specific knowledge for my career and hopefully give me an advantage in the competitive job market.

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