Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Cruzer Mini

Audience: Students in a college Computer Programming class.

Computer programming entails many files, software, and pictures, so why not back up that hard work with the new Cruzer Mini Flash Drive? This pocket size device is able to store up to 1.0GB of memory and can be used on any computer! Now you can conveniently transfer information with fellow students without the hassle of e-mail or burning CDs.

Audience: New incoming students during the general orientation.

Getting adjusted to the college life isn’t always easy, but the new Cruzer Mini Flash Drive can help you stay organized and prepared for your classes. This handy device can save 1.0 GB of memory; including documents, pictures, music and much more! Another great benefit to this new gadget is that you carry it with you anywhere. Be the incoming student with the “technology know-how”.

Audience: Press release for the local newspaper

The new release of the Cruzer Mini Flash Drive has turned heads in the technology world. It is a compact, pocket size storage device that can hold up to 1.0 GB of memory. Soon burning CDs will be a thing of the past, because the Cruzer Mini can quickly save information and transfer to other computers. Plus, it small enough to be taken with you everywhere!

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